"The Spacecraft"

S.T.R.P. 1a

Sarnus Transfer Rocket Package

Craft Stats

  • Name: The Grunt

  • Crew: None

  • Ship Cost: $670,299

  • Total Parts: 609

  • Science Package: No


  • Wet Mass: 1,977,670kg

  • Dry Mass: 328,990kg

  • Total Dv: 7,207 - 8,530m/s


This was just a huge rocket.... huge.

The 1st (Lower) stage is the Transfer Stage, meant to boost the entire mission to the orbit of Sarnus. It is sporting one (1) Rhino and eight (8) Mainsails. These are the largest rockets in the core game and they pack a wallop. With all that weight though, it will only peak out at about one (1) gravity of thrust from our fearless Kerbals perspective.

The 2nd (Upper) stage is the Capture Stage, meant to slow the craft as it enters Sarnus space and enter orbit around Sarnus's third moon Eeloo. That stage is packing eight (8) Vector engines, which have the best thrust-to-weight ration for their size in the core game. These thigs also pack a punch, and should make capture a 2.0 - 2.5 gravity affair.

To launch the craft will use it's own engines and fuel, assisted by a single asparagus stage of four (4) fuel tanks and Mainsails, as well as a lift stage of medium sized solid rocket boosters. This should allow the craft to be light enough to be controlled and flown easily, as it will be the one mating with the Upper Section. The extremely large RCS pods and SAS reaction towers should make this a fairly maneuverable craft when only at one quarter fuel.