"The Idea"

The Idea for The Sarnus Mission...

Where do I even begin...

Have you ever just wanted to build a ship so big and complex in Kerbal Space Program that you can barely fly it because it has so many parts? Something completely inefficient, but beautiful in its over-complexity?

I've been playing Kerbal Space Program since 2013, and what I've learned in that time is that if I want to succeed in this game, don't over complicate things. This mission takes that hard learned lesson, crumples it up, throws it at the wastebasket, misses, and then watches the dog eat it.

I must admit, there was a "first try" that went all the way through planning to almost complete build, before I scrapped the entire ship design and started over from scratch. Too many compromises had been made in that design for efficiency and the idea that I had "limited resources". I am sitting on almost $17 million on this play through, there are no "limited resources" issues except the ones I fabricate for myself. What if I just said it was "ok" to spend that whole amount on this one mission? Who'd stop me? No one, that's who. I'm a grownup.

So, my distinguished audience, I give you my KSP opus... The Sarnus Mission.

"The Plan"