"The Spacecraft"

S.S.S.S. 1a

Sarnus System Space Station

Craft Stats

  • Name: Avarium Station

  • Crew: 1 Pilot, 10 Crew

  • Ship Cost: $283,104

  • Total Parts: 122

  • Science Package: Yes


  • Wet Mass: 46,155kg

  • Dry Mass: 22,195kg

  • Total Dv: 0m/s


A modification of a station design used successfully for a whole generation of Kerbals in the local system of Kerbin. Originally designed as the 2nd space station to orbit the Mun, this was built as a compact science platform that could also act as a jumping off point for further missions to the Mun itself. Later used for the same purpose around the moon of Minmus, this design had more than proven itself.

In order to get this station ready for Sarnus, the following modifications had to be made:

  • All solar panels removed (No usable light out that far)

  • Eight (8) PB-NUK Thermoelectric Generators were added (Massive overkill, I know)

  • RC-L01 Remote Guidance Computer added

  • Two (2) 1.25m Side Docking Ports replaced with 2.5m Docking Ports

  • Two (2) RA-10 Relay Antenna replaces with R0-100 Relay Antennas

  • Four (4) Structural Cylinders replaced with Mk1 Liquid Fuel Tanks