"The Spacecraft"

S.O.S.L. 1a

Sarnus Outer System Lander

Craft Stats

  • Name: Kingfisher

  • Crew: 2 Crew (No Pilot)

  • Ship Cost: $207,567

  • Total Parts: 212

  • Science Package: Yes


  • Wet Mass: 43,440kg

  • Dry Mass: 14,280kg

  • Total Dv: 3,544m/s


This craft is designed from the ground up to be the most compact refuellable lander built so far. Sporting six (6) LV-909 engines underneath compressed stacks of R-12 Toroidal fuel tanks, this bad boy should be able to both transfer and land on either of Sarnus's outer moons. Then refuel and take off again.