"The Spacecraft"

P.C.S.P. 1a

Polar Communication Satellite Package

Craft Stats

  • Name: Big Polar One

  • Crew: None

  • Ship Cost: $12,464 (w/o Satellites)

  • Total Parts: 23 (w/o Satellites)

  • Science Package: No


  • Wet Mass: 22,546kg (w/o Satellites)

  • Dry Mass: 5,386kg (w/o Satellites)

  • Total Dv: 2,576m/s (w/ Satellites)


This satellite delivery system is intended to separate from the main Creep at the mid-course correction burn and travel the rest of the way to Sarnus on it's own. It has sufficient Dv to perform both the insertion burn and the placement burn for the satellites themselves. It will be delivering the two (2) large polar communication satellites (Also referred to as "Bunny Ears"), as well as the four (4) smaller polar relay satellites.