"The Spacecraft"

M.C.S.P. 1a

Moon Communications Satellite Package

Craft Stats

  • Crew: None

  • Ship Cost: $6,358 (w/o Satellites)

  • Total Parts: 21 (w/o Satellites)

  • Science Package: No


  • Wet Mass: 2,000kg (w/o Satellites)

  • Dry Mass: 860kg (w/o Satellites)

  • Total Dv: 1,476m/s (w/ Satellites)


These small delivery packages will each house one (1) MapSat and three (3) Deep Space Comm Sats. They will disconnect from Avarium Station around Eeloo and will use their own propulsion to transfer to each target moon. Once there, the MapSat will maneuver itself in to position, while the delivery vehicle sets up the Comm Sats. There will be 6 of these on the mission. One for each moon, plus one extra as a failsafe.