"The Spacecraft"

C.S.S.C. 1a

Central Structural Support Column

Craft Stats

  • Name: Big Orange

  • Crew: None

  • Ship Cost: $46,558

  • Total Parts: 161

  • Science Package: No


  • Wet Mass: 89,900kg

  • Dry Mass: 19,900kg

  • Total Dv: n/a


Acting as the central "Hub" of the Creep itself, the CSSC is a connection point and fuel repository. It carries almost 70,000kg of fuel in various forms, and provides the connection points for the CHEE, the SISE, the SOSL, the MCSP sat packs and the DSSPs. Additionally, it has 5x 2.5m connection ports at the rear that are designed to mate w/ the STRP propulsion section.

This section is intended to stay connected to Avarium Station during the primary mission as a fuel depot. Once depleted, it will be disconnected, allowing it to serve as just a satellite launching platform from that point forward.