"The Spacecraft"

C.H.E.E. 1c

Commercial High Efficiency Explorer

Craft Stats

  • Name: Nightingale

  • Crew: 2 Crew, 4 Passengers

  • Ship Cost: $116,351

  • Launch Cost: $137,005

  • Total Parts: 62

  • Science Package: Yes


  • Wet Mass: 34,105kg

  • Dry Mass: 15,105kg

  • Total Dv: 5790m/s


The Commercial High Efficiency Explorer (Model 1c) is assigned a pure transportation role in the Sarnus mission. It's primary purpose will be to transport the 6 returning crew back to Kerbin at the conclusion of the first mission. Additionally, it is designated as a sight-seeing craft while in the Sarnus system, as well as a rescue and recovery craft if needed.


The original C.H.E.E. 1a was designed to be a "There and back" craft between Kerbin, Duna and Eve. Boasting almost 4900m/s of possible delta using only high-efficiency liquid fuel engines, it performed this role admirably until the development of the C.H.E.E. 1b, which increased it's total available delta to 5800m/s. The 1b model is the current standard for inter system travel in the inner systems

The 1c model is a direct descendant of the 1b. In fact the only difference between them is the removal of all Solar Panels from the craft, and the addition of two PB-NUK Thermoelectric Generators. This reduces the overall delta of the craft by only 10m/s, while allowing it to operate without regard to it's distance from the sun.