LCDR Darcy Kerman

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander

  • Skill Class: Scientist

  • Skill Rating: 4 Star

  • Total Missions: 12

  • Mission Assignment: Lead Research Scientist


As one of the most experienced astronauts in the Kerbal Space Program, it was an obvious choice to include Lieutenant Commander Darcy on the KSP Sarnus mission. She brings with her a wealth of experience, including being the first Kerbal on the Mum and Minmus as well as leading several orbiting and science-related missions in the inner systems.

She is determined to make the most out of this mission into the outer systems and will be working closely with Tice and Katie to make sure their experiments kick-off without a hitch. The trio have been locked in solitude for the months leading up to the mission, and a few rumors have gotten around that some incredible results might come out of this unprecedented voyage.

While on her travels, she will dearly miss her three Kerbal-mogwai, but she knows they will be well cared for as newly minted mascots of the Kerbal Space Program. In fact, she is pretty sure they won’t want to come home after she returns. For those that may be concerned, she has warned those in Mission Control not to feed them too late or let them near open water.

Notable Accomplishments

    • First Kerbal on The Mun

    • First Kerbal on Minmus

    • First Kerbal on Duna (w/ Kal Kerman)

Notable Missions

    • MunPass 1 (First orbit and landing on the Mun)

    • ScienceBus 1 (First orbit and landing on Minmus. First remote piloted, solo, manned mission)

    • Burroughs Mission (Insert Maryweather Station and Lander/Transit combo. First Landing on Duna)