LCDR Chazz Kerman

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Skill Class: Pilot
  • Skill Rating: 3 Star
  • Total Missions: 47
  • Mission Assignment: HMSSC Pilot, Primary Remote Pilot


Chazz was fast-tracked through the Kerbal Space Academy after his decorated service in the air force during the Hemisphere Wars where he’d more than proven his status as the squadrons resident "Badass" with an astounding 20 combat missions. Starting his space career as a test pilot, he was fearless on his way to becoming the First Kerbal in space, and the first Kerbal to orbit not only Kerbin but the Mun and Duna as well.

Being one of the most experienced pilots and crew in KSP with a 0% fail record, Chazz will mentor the young pilot Miezierk on their flight to Sarnus, and will be responsible for piloting the ship on their long voyage to the ringed planet.

Chazz is sad to leave his Korgi, Kerblam, behind, but the plucky pup will be very well taken care of as the unofficial mascot of mission control.

Notable Accomplishments

    • First Kerbal in Space
    • First Kerbal to Orbit Kerbin
    • First Kerbal to Orbit Mun
    • First Kerbal to Orbit Duna

Notable Missions

    • Operation Spacemonkey (First ballistic spaceflight)
    • Operation Spacemonkey 2 (First orbit and return of Kerbin)
    • Operation Long Shot (First FRT pass of the Mun)
    • MunPass 1 (First orbit and landing on the Mun. Note: Remained in orbit)
    • Saturn V Mission (Multi-part communications mission to Duna. Solo flight)