CDR Kal Kerman

  • Rank: Commander
  • Skill Class: Engineer
  • Skill Rating: 3 Star
  • Total Missions: 19
  • Mission Assignment: Executive Officer, Chief Engineer


Kal Kerman was selected for the Kerbal Space Academy after having been pivotal to the design and build of KSPs first satellites, test rockets, and unmanned orbiters. His passion for space flight meant that taking the next step from a builder to an astronaut was natural, and his talent for engineering has been a boon for every mission he has served on since graduation. Even now, Kal remains dedicated to designing the safest, most efficient rockets.

His experience with MunPass1 and the Burroughs mission means he is more than prepared to lead as the Chief Engineer and X.O. for the Sarnus Mission.

He hopes that his friends and family will hold off on opening that special bottle of Kerbrew until he returns. He’ll notice if it was replaced!

Notable Accomplishments

    • First Kerbal on Duna (w/ Darcy Kerman)

Notable Missions

    • MunPass 1 (First orbit and landing on the Mun. Note: Remained in Orbit)
    • Burroughs Mission (Insert Maryweather Station and Lander/Transit combo. 1st Landing on Duna)