CAPT Miezierk Kerman

  • Rank: Captain
  • Skill Class: Pilot
  • Skill Rating: 2 Star
  • Total Missions: 1
  • Mission Assignment: Mission Commander, Station Commander


Miezierk was selected for the Kerbal Space Academy after showing he was a highly capable artillery officer during the Hemisphere Wars. He reported for duty after successfully completing training, and has served in a backup capacity as he prepared for his first mission.

His crew will be reliant on his training to keep them alive on the long flight out, but they stand behind their crewmate and are ready to step in should his inexperience lead him astray.

Kerbal Space Program would like to address the recent malicious rumors: Miezierk was not selected because he is the son of President Kermanus Kerman. Miezierk earned his position and will be gaining valuable management experience when he is left to manage Aviarium Station with Tice and Bacon.

Notable Accomplishments

    • Decorated Veteran of the Hemisphere Wars

Notable Missions

    • Completed Kerbal Space Academy