2LT Tice Kerman

  • Rank: Second Lieutenant

  • Skill Class: Scientist

  • Skill Rating: 2 Star

  • Total Missions: 3

  • Mission Assignment: Outer Systems Scientist


The philosopher of the Sarnus crew, Tice is an experienced scientist as well as a compassionate person and a deep thinker. He went to the Mun and back, and served as a chaplain in the Hemisphere War. His experience with stressful and emotional situations will serve him well as one of the crew members that will remain onboard while the rest return home.

His expertise in gathering data and monitoring experiments will have him overseeing Katie’s experiments, while also working to assist Darcy with the main scientific components of the mission. Once they depart, he will be responsible for running and reporting on ongoing scientific inquiry in the outer system.

Truly a team player, Tice is known for getting things done and uplifting others as he does it.

Notable Missions

    • ScienceBus 2 (Science collecting mission to the Mun)