2LT Katie Kerman

  • Rank: Second Lieutenant

  • Skill Class: Scientist

  • Skill Rating: 2 Star

  • Total Missions: 1

  • Mission Assignment: Inner Systems Scientist


As a recent Kerbal Space Academy graduate, many were surprised to see Katie selected for the KSP Sarnus Mission, but anyone that has met her knows she is headed for big things. She applied with a slate of theories to test and it impressed her fellow scientists Darcy and Tice enough that she was snapped up within days of applying for the last science spot on the crew.

An avid inner-systems scientist, she is eager to see what the outer systems will have in store for her. She has an array of experiments and theories that she is excited to kick off once they’ve arrived in the Sarnus system. Expect to see some interesting results out of this new recruit.

She will be heading back to Kerbin after the mission completes, but before she even left Kerbin she was vowing that she’d be heading back someday with a whole new batch of experiments based on what they find in the outer systems.

Notable Missions

    • Completed Kerbal Space Academy