2LT Bacon Kerman

  • Rank: Second Lieutenant

  • Skill Class: Engineer

  • Skill Rating: 2 Star

  • Total Missions: 2

  • Mission Assignment: Vessel Engineer


A studious and observant engineer, Bacon never experienced the horrors and glories of war up close and personal. During the war, he was a new recruit and served in the military as an aerospace and safety engineer. He was responsible for the design of many safety functions on the airships that are used today all over Kerbin. Bacon also served his community at home by chairing fundraising events and participating in morale-building endeavors for the populace. After the war, he joined KSP and used his engineering and operations experience to man Kerbin’s Comm Center.

Even during the war, Bacon dreamed of getting to fly high above it all and see Kerbin in its full glory. He always believed that the war would end and Kerbal’s would be united again, and he is ecstatic to serve aboard this mission, which operates with war veterans from both sides of the fight.

To keep himself busy on the deep space station once the majority of the crew return home, Bacon has decided to read the entire library of Kerbal literature.

Notable Missions

    • CentralCommand (as Chief Engineer)