1LT Trix Kerman

  • Rank: First Lieutenant

  • Skill Class: Pilot

  • Skill Rating: 3 Star

  • Total Missions: 14 (Countless test flights)

  • Mission Assignment: General Mission Pilot, Return Vehicle Pilot


Trix was always one to take on risk as a little Kerbal and seek out the unknown on his own, even if that was just his own backyard. He served as a scout in the Hemisphere Wars and saved many Kerbal lives by taking chances that no one else would and executing them flawlessly.

That nature drew him to become the primary test pilot for the Kerbal Space Program. With the Sarnus mission, Trix will cover the general mission piloting and will be the sole pilot on the long journey home.

His experience and optimistic outlook make him an asset to the crew, though they may find themselves roped into card games and down a few kerbucks worth of treats and tradeables.

Notable Accomplishments

    • Primary Test Pilot for the Space Program

Notable Missions

    • Burroughs Mission (Pilot: Insert Maryweather Station and Lander/Transit combo. First Landing on Duna)