1LT Drift Kerman

  • Rank: First Lieutenant

  • Skill Class: Engineer

  • Skill Rating: 2 Star

  • Total Missions: 7

  • Mission Assignment: Flight Engineer


A decorated War veteran, Drift is a Kerbal heavy on experience both good and bad. Part of many engagements while he served first as a paratrooper and then as a tank driver in the military, he was eventually put on medical leave due to the injuries taken in the line of duty. He received the Kerbin Gold Star, an indication of the hardships he endured and the lives he saved.

Drift was selected to be a flight engineer on the Sarnus Mission after his long stint serving on the station OrbitOne as its Chief Engineer. Used to much time alone and a great deal of quiet, Drift has taken on a number of hobbies while he watched over Kerbin from his seat in the sky. Besides maintaining the hydroponics units and tending to rare flowers, he also takes time to paint and sculpt – a great feat in the zero-g of space.

His many art-related fans and collectors are excited to see what he does with all of his time on the KSP Sarnus mission. The lesser, but still loud, gardening fans are curious to see if his Kerbin Orchid finally blooms in space. If it does, it will yet another accomplishment for the 1st Lieutenant.

Notable Accomplishments

    • More logged hours in space than any other Kerbal

Notable Missions

    • OrbitOne Station (as Chief Engineer)